Letter From The Founders

First responders have a duty to the people and communities they serve. They all signed on the line, knowing the risks that are to follow. They don’t do it for the money, the fame, or the recognition. First responders put others health and safety above their own, which comes with great responsibility. Unfortunately, at times, this comes with the ultimate sacrifice, their courage standing tall and never to be wavered. 

Beneath the trepidation lies a problem that has rarely, if ever been spoken about, and it remains the unspeakable truth where blind eyes have repeatedly turned. At FIVE0 Fitness, we are aggressively trying to combat the first responders that remain physically unfit for duty.

Through the sacrifices a first responder makes, personal care can quickly become lost. The lack of accountability and focus on their well-being can easily be overlooked as they fight to serve those they swore to protect. Unintentionally this causes a risk to their bodies and our community. This disservice can most notably manifest itself when called to act in a manner that can result in a life or death scenario. When first responders are not prepared physically, a potential calm and handled situation can turn into a life lost for either side of the fight. A fight for their life that could have been mitigated well before the problem turns into an irreversible fate. 

We are dedicated to providing an avenue for mitigation to occur. A way for first responders to have a chance to provide the service their community deserves.  FIVE0 Fitness will work with departments and policymakers to design, implement, and maintain functional wellness programs proven to change the perspective and outlook for capable and ready first responders. Our goal is to prevent any life from being lost because of not being prepared physically.  

Our mission is to bring awareness to officers about getting fit and staying fit, utilizing proper training and nutrition, so at the end of the shift, WE ALL GO HOME. 

WE WILL NOT stop until our mission is completed. We will forever be fueled by resting our heads at night, knowing we helped where help was needed.


Image by Alec Favale